stunt rigging


music video rigging
Our rigging stock consists of many items, giving us the ability to put together any type of stunt or camera rig. Whether you need to move a person or camera, at high or low speeds, we have the tools and experience to make it happen.

Our custom built Nitrogen rams can launch performers or set pieces with remarkable speed and repeatability. They have evolved from basic systems to systems with fail-safes. The soon to be released remote activation will tie in with many SFX departments current systems. You create the effect and we’ll move the performers and set away in a predicable, safe, repeatable manner.

Check out our Fastrac page for high speed camera moves.

2d and 3d flying for performers and cameras is an area we have plenty of experience. We can move you around the stage with amazing speeds and accuracy. The work we do with VFX departments has lead us to assemble kit that works for them, as well as delivering the excitement the viewer has come to expect.

Want to dry hire? No problem. If it’s 1m of truss, a pulley or a whole package, let us know. We’ll be happy to help. All of our kit is inspected to comply with current LOLER regulations. We’ll supply the test certificates to give you the peace of mind that you’ve got the best possible equipment available.

Think big – Set us a challenge.